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Stichting Struan Foundation

Welcome to the website of Stichting Struan Foundation. The STICHTING STRUAN FOUNDATION was established in 2008 to administer a Family Fund.The proceeds of the Fund are being used to support projects that not normally qualify for government funding.


The Stichting Struan Foundation is at present reviewing the criteria with which the requests for support from the applicants have to comply.

These criteria will be published on the website by 31st of April 2022.
Until that date the Struan Foundation will not consider any applications.

Interested parties will have the opportunity to make an application that meets the requirements of the new criteria after the 1st of May 2022.




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About us

The STICHTING STRUAN FOUNDATION  is managed by it's Board with input from a Project Committee of family members.


Creating a brighter tomorrow

STRUAN wants to contribute to a world in which people live in social cohesion with each other and their environment. The foundation wants to be part of a world in wich a balanced society can be created by the willingness and effort of all.