Stichting Struan Foundation

Together we can make a Difference


Day to day management of the Foundation is the responsibility of the Projectboard which is made up of the founders’ children and their spouses. The activities of the Struan Foundation are supervised by the Board of which Mr. Jan Veldhuizen is the Chairman.

The Projectboard consists of:

Mr. Michiel Veldhuizen, Chairman
Mrs. Heleen Veldhuizen - van den Berg
Mr. Olav Veldhuizen
Mrs. Renate Veldhuizen - Warnink
Mr. Laurens Veldhuizen
Mrs. Anne Veldhuizen - Voerman

The Board is the formal body that is responsible for the Foundation’s Strategy and setting the Foundation’s Mission. The Board is also responsible for the final funding decisions of the Foundation as well as the annual financial statements.

The Board consists of:

Mr. Jan Veldhuizen, Chairman
Ms Annelies Dankbaar
Mr. Sven Groeneveld
Ms. Liesbeth Otten

Financial policy

The Struan Foundation was established in 2008 and capitalised with private funds. The capital has been invested defensively and the policy is to make the income from the investments available for good causes as selected by the board. Although the aim is to keep the capital intact, the board has the freedom to make more money available then what is gained through the investments. The exploitation costs of the foundation are minimal as all activities required to keep the foundation going are performed by the board for free. As the structure of the foundation is as simple as it is, we hardly require paid external advice. Most of the expenses are bank cost related to the investment and payment services.

Annual figures 2021 Struan
Annual figures 2022 Struan


Creating a brighter tomorrow

STRUAN wants to contribute to a world in which people live in social cohesion with each other and their environment. The foundation wants to be part of a world in wich a balanced society can be created by the willingness and effort of all.